The Office of Curriculum’s primary function is to provide guidance and resources for the faculty of Webster County Schools by providing timely, effective support for teachers and principals in the areas of curriculum development, professional development, assessment and screening, and advanced placement. The Curriculum Department also provides district personnel and parents with many resources that will serve to improve student and school achievement and will be used to implement the standards required by the Mississippi Department of Education and Webster County School District.



Curriculum Resources


Pacing Guides:

Pacing guides have been created for all Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Health and Social Studies courses in grades K-8.  The guides are aligned to state frameworks and provide a plan of instruction throughout the school year. Please click on "Curriculum Office Forms" to view Pacing Guides.



Universal Screeners:

Universal Screeners will be administered three times each year – Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each school will disseminate parent and teacher reports after each administration. This information will help teachers individualize instruction for students who are above or below average in their learning abilities.  As a school staff, we are excited about our ability to know where all of our students are on their path to becoming successful readers and learners. We hope that you are excited as well.



Universal Screening/AIMSweb Graphs K-1 

Universal Screening/AIMSweb Graphs 2-6

Universal Screening/AIMSweb Graphs 7-8



Response to Intervention: 

The Webster County School District in accordance with the mandate set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education has implemented an instructional model designed to meet the needs of every student. The model consists of three tiers of instruction.



State Board Policy

Frequently Asked Questions



Advanced Placement:

Webster County Schools currently offers four Advanced Placement classes.  The Advanced Placement program offers students the ability to pursue college level learning while still in the high school setting.  Students in Webster County Schools’ Advanced Placement courses will experience a rigorous curriculum and have the opportunity to earn credit for college courses.



Advanced Placement Information



Professional Development:

Professional development is learning process that allows educators to improve the educational organization and promotes personal and work-related growth. It serves to improve student learning by creating an environment that will enable educators to:

  • invest in quality opportunities to grow individually and collaboratively,
  • enhance job-related skills,
  • acquire new knowledge, and
  • share expertise and insights.

Webster County School District encourages all staff to participate in professional development opportunities and its educators have the professional and contractual responsibility to participate in professional development opportunities for license renewal. The selection of professional development options is to be focused on improving student learning. Each educator is individually responsible for selecting his or her own professional development programs. Educators are also responsible for submitting documentation for license renewal to the Mississippi Department of Education's Office of Educator Licensure. Administrators expect all educators to participate in the district’s professional development programs as required by the Mississippi State Board of Education. We also realize that professional development is the key to improvement.



North MS Education Consortium


MS Department of Education Professional Development Offerings



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